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18K Yellow Gold Red Enamel Lady Bug Screwback Earrings

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Bug Beauty: 18K Yellow Gold Red Enamel Lady Bug Screwback Earrings

These classic 18K Yellow Gold Red Enamel Lady Bug Screwback Earrings are a timeless addition to your little girl's jewelry collection. Measuring 6mm (0.23 inch), these screwback earrings are ideal for young girls aged 1 to 12. Crafted from hypoallergenic 18K gold, these earrings are safe and gentle on even the most delicate skin. The stylish Amalia box and matching bag make these earrings a great gift for any occasion. The screwback design, featuring a covered screwback for kids, not only ensures that the earrings stay securely in place but also provides added comfort and protection for your child, safeguarding the back of the ear and neck from the post and ensuring worry-free wear.

Ladybugs, with their vibrant appearance and gentle demeanor, are often associated with luck and happiness. By adorning your child with these delightful Red Enamel Ladybug Earrings, you not only enhance her style but also bring a sprinkle of joy and positivity to her day. Let these charming creatures accompany your child on her journey, serving as a reminder of the beauty and wonder that surrounds us. With each wear, these earrings carry the promise of brighter days and delightful moments. Order now and gift your child a treasure that will not only adorn her but also uplift her spirits wherever she goes.

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  • 8 LADY BUG


We offer two types of screw back closures for our earrings, each equally good and safe. Both types are screw-in/screw-out style but one is flatter while one is more tidimentional than the other. Both closures have their own unique way of fastening and are not always interchangeable. If you have a preference for a specific style, we recommend choosing earrings that come with that particular closing, rather than changing the backs after purchasing.

The short video bellow shows you how to open and close. If you have any questions, you can always contact us or read our blog for more information! 




Screw Backs vs Push Backs

Why choose screw backs over push backs?

Screwbacks offer a more secure and reliable fastening for earrings compared to push backs. With screwbacks, you can screw the backing onto the earring post, ensuring a tight and snug fit, reducing the risk of earrings accidentally falling off. This feature is especially beneficial for babies and young children's earrings, providing extra peace of mind. 

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Guide to Screw Back Earrings: Why They're Perfect for Kids

Guide to Screw Back Earrings: Why They're Perfect for Kids

By Esther Fuhrman

When it comes to kids earrings, we recommend a screw-backs clossing. This tighter backing provides a more secure hold while also being gentle and protecting the a child’s more sensitive...

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