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What is better - light or heavy?. . Amalia Jewelry

Choosing Between Light and Heavy Gold Jewelry: Which is Best?


There are areas times and places in life where something light or being light might seem much more fitting than being heavy. Or on the contrary, a heavy piece may seem much stronger or resistant than a light one. But what should one do when we are considering a piece of jewelry?

On one hand a heavy earring can be a burden on your ear, but a light bracelet might bend or scratch easier.


Gold is a very heavy metal; at a temperature of 20°C, the density of gold is 19320 kg/m3. This means that 1 m3 of such metal has a mass of 19320 kg. We are not accustomed to attributing heaviness to this metal because it is rare and because we have always been accustomed to seeing small and very precious quantities of it. Therefore, a heavy metal has lightness attributed to it as a quality.

The weight of the piece of jewelry depends mostly in the way the piece was created –

Casting, stamping, or electroforming – casting will create a completely solid piece of jewelry, very heavy, while either stamping or electroforming will make lighter or hollow pieces that are elegant and stylish with a very high quality but a lighter weight.


Among the most distinguishing features of our designs is the lightness of their workmanship. They are crafted in a way to they can feel very light when worn, the main idea is that they could be resistant enough but that they don’t bother the person using it, as a big part of our line is created to be worn by babies and young children!

Our pieces, all adult and children, are built to be booth elegant and versatile, we have gorgeous models with beautiful shapes, but most importantly – they are all easy to wear.

Italian Jewelry has always been known for its exceptional quality, but it is their jeweler's technique, which has been refined over hundreds of years what makes their Jewelry shine – that is why we at Amalia Jewelry choose for you only the best on Italian 18K Gold pieces, so we can bring you beautiful and durable lightweight jewelry at the best quality and the best price!

We should take some life inspiration from our jewelry, that manages to transform such a heavy metal as 18K Gold into such light creations and learn to live our lives in a lighter way, we should learn to give the right weight to things so that we do not feel “weight down” by meaningless things.

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