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HOOPS vs HUGGIES. . Amalia Jewelry

Are Hoops & Huggies the Same? Exploring the Differences.

Are Hopps & Huggies the same? Which one is better? those are two questions we often hear at our Boutique... The answer is not as simple as it may seem. All Huggies are Hoop earrings, but not all hoop earriengs are huggies... and as for which is better, it is a very personal choice, but maybe this short blog will help you deside!

Hoop earrings have to open at some point in order for them to be placed on an ear. A huggie is a hinged hoop earrings where the post of the hoop is locked to the back of the hoop. Both are worn in pierced ears but the huggies have a hinge at the bottom of the earring that allows the post to open and close without an earring back. 

A hoop is a circle, and while they have to open at some point to be placed on an ear, it’s the idea of the circle that has given them a meaning; a circle is infinite, like time. Thant’s why hoops are so symbolic!. They have been around about as long as jewelry itself, dating as far back as the Bronze Age. But they have not only held its own in ancient history they also found a place in pop culture and street culture.

Hoop earrings – likely more than any other form of jewelry – are timeless, they have span culture and ages, and likely will continue as a “trend” for centuries to come. 

In a Huggie the post of the hoop is locked to the back of the hoop, closing the circle when the earring is clicked shut. They tend to be thicker & more comfortable than the standard hoop and can be slept in. They are also known a hinged hoop earrings or huggers

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